Retraction Notice to ““People Will Continue to Suffer If the Virus Is Around”: A Qualitative Analysis of Sub-Saharan African Children’s Experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

This article has been retracted at the request of the authors, publisher, and editor in chief. This manuscript was erroneously published in duplicate due to a miscommunication between the authors and managing editors of the journal. Health Psychology Research (HPR) was acquired from PagePress by Open Medical Publishing (OMP) in 5/2021. During this transition, there were several manuscripts actively undergoing peer review in the PagePress peer review publication portal. For all of those papers, OMP reached out to each individual corresponding author requesting they upload their manuscripts to the Scholastica portal as this was the only manual way to ensure the transition. Unfortunately, the corresponding author uploaded a qualitative study on the same topic that was already published in another journal. Shortly thereafter, she recognized her error and notified the journal’s managerial editor of the mistake, and she then correctly uploaded the proper quantitative manuscript to HPR. The managerial editor of Health Psychology Research failed to remove the duplicately published qualitative study. The quantitative study was processed in parallel per journal guideline. The previously published qualitative paper has now been retracted accordingly.