Session Brief Aims Activity Methods Time
First Session building intimacy Meeting and introduction to the program and its objectives Badges 30 Min
Second Session Increased attention, focus and adherence to instructions Kinetic activity to join beads String, beads, white and red balloons, ready-made necklace 30 Min
Third session Recognize colors and accept win and loss Movement activity, balloon popping red and blue balloons 30 Min
Fourth session Discharge excess energy with purposeful movements Art activity Cassette for children's songs, recorded 30 Min
Fifth session Unloading internal repressions and expressing them in a drawing Art activity White paper, colors, pencil 30 Min
Sixth session Recognizing the right behaviors from the wrong behaviors through acting Role play Character dolls, cats, recorder and cassette 30 Min
Seventh session Recognize right behavior and wrong behavior through colors Coloring Holograms, colors, display board 30 Min
Eigth session Accepting profit and loss, physical contact with others and not hurting them movement activity chair set, prizes 30 Min
Ninth session Educational objective and get to know pets Classification Animal cards and their houses, pencil, worksheets 30 Min
Tenth session Teamwork movement activity Balls, baskets, prizes 30 Min
Eleventh session Increase focus and teamwork disassembly and assembly activity cube set 30 Min
Twelfth session Thank you to the students for completing the orientation program, biding them farewell, and reminding them of some daily life skills Leisure activity Prizes, candy, juice 30 Min