1. Challenge Knot
Using a 40” piece of rope, the performer demonstrates how to tie a knot in the middle of the rope without releasing either end of the rope.
2. Instant Knot
Using a 40” piece of rope, the performer instantly ties a knot in one end of the rope using one hand with a simple magic maneuver.
3. Four Aces
Using a normal deck of cards, the performer asks a volunteer to select a number between 10-25 randomly. The number of cards is counted out into four stacks. When the top card on each stack is turned over, one of the four aces is the top card.
4. Re-Appearing Dime
The performer shows the audience two coins - a quarter and a dime - in the palm of their hand. The dime is removed and placed in their pocket while closing their hand around the quarter. With the snap of a finger, the dime magically appears inside the closed hand with the quarter.
5. Jumping Rubber Band
A rubber band is placed on the first and second fingers of the performer’s hand. The hand is closed and when the performer opens it, the rubber band is now on the third and fourth fingers.
6. Vanishing Rubber Band
A rubber band is stretched between the index finger and thumb of the right and left hand. When the fingers are opened, the rubber band vanishes.
7. Linking Paper Clips
Two paper clips are linked together on a dollar bill without ever touching the clips.
8. Rising Paper Clip
A paper clip is caused to rise on a rubber band stretched between the finger and thumb of the performer.
9. Penetration Frame
The performer shows a small frame made of plastic with a clear plastic sheet inside. The performer selects a playing card and places it on one side of the frame, covering the clear plastic sheet. The performer proceeds to push a pencil through the middle of the frame, penetrating the card and the sold plastic sheet! An audience volunteer taps the frame and plastic sheet with a pencil to reveal they are solid and impenetrable.
10. Coin Slide
A coin is placed inside a small plastic box and closed. When it is opened, the coin is gone.
11. Floating Dollar Bill
A dollar bill is folded in half and held between the thumb and index fingers of both hands. Fingers are slowly opened and moved away, leaving the bill floating in the air.
12. Stiff Rope
A 3-foot length of rope is shown to the audience. The magician holds each end in their right and left hand. Stretching the rope fully, the magician “hypnotizes” it, causing it to become completely rigid. Slowly, the magician releases the rope in one hand, but it remains suspended in the air! Snapping the fingers causes the rope to "wake up" and fall limp.
13. Nails Through Coin
A plastic coin or real quarter is placed flat inside a small, round container and covered by the lid. The lid has eight holes in it from which you can see the coin clearly inside the box. One at a time, eight spikes are pushed through the holes, through the solid coin, and out the bottom of the box! The spikes are removed, the lid is opened, and the coin is shown to be fully intact.