1. Coronaviruses family cause the following disease beside COVID-19.
2. The following sentences are fake news (myths) regarding the transmission of COVID-19, except.
3. …….. are at high risk of developing severe illness due to COVID-19 infection.
4. The mortality (death) rate is the highest among which age group of the following.
5. The incubation period between the exposure to SARS-CoV-2 (infection) and showing symptoms (clinical manifestation) is.
6. COVID-19 symptoms include all the following except.
Prevention (Self-protection)
7. The following sentences are fake news (myths) regarding the prevention of COVID-19, except.
8. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants should be.
Prevention (Protection of others)
9. You should protect other people by taking the following measures, except.
10. Social distance aims to slow down the spread of the infection, it is necessary to keep …………. at least between yourself and others.
Management (Quarantine)
11. In the case of home isolation (home quarantine), all the following sentences are correct except.
12. In order to discontinue home isolation without having a test, people with COVID-19 can leave home after the three following conditions are fulfilled altogether, except.